Our Brands

  1. NJ'S Range of plywood
  2. NJOY Silver M.R.
  3. NJOY Gold W.W.R.
  4. NJOY Diamond 710 ā€“ B.W.P.
  5. NJOY Platinum B.W.P.-710 ā€“ 100% Gurjan
  6. NJOY Club 3Gā€“108 hrs. B.W.P.Gurjan
  7. NJ'S Range of flash Doors

Our Products

From last 10 decades we are expertise into dealing of various range of quality products, in order to provide excellence service to our clients.




Flush Doors

Door Skin

Door Frames

Bison Panels

Aluminium Panels


Wooden Flooring

Imported Panel

Floor Tiles

W/P & Com